If you’re a grower who relies on bees for pollination, then chances are good that you had some pretty hit or miss experiences over the years in contracting bee-labor for pollinating your fields and crops. From struggling to find a bee provider who can meet your needs to discovering that some people are just unreliable to work with, you’ve likely wondered if there isn’t an easier way to find beekeepers who are near you, easy to work with, and can handle your job.

Enter the Pollination Network — an innovative new way to connect growers beekeepers unlike ever before. Our free app will completely change the way that you find bees for pollination from now on. To learn more about how it works and why it’s worth investigating further, read the rest of today’s blog about how we help growers just like you shed the burden of locating quality beekeepers and bees to work with.

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We Make Finding Bees Easy

The biggest problem with being a grower who relies on honey bees or other types of bees for pollination is that they have become harder and harder to come by. Just a few decades ago, bee populations were established enough in most areas of the United States that contracting beekeepers for pollination was typically only used to augment or scale crop growing.

However, with bees becoming more and more scarce, and birds and other insects failing to fill the emerging void, agricultural growers are relying on beekeepers more and more.

When you use the Pollination Network app, you’ll be able to post a listing of what you need, where you are, what kind of crops you are growing, and the offers from beekeepers will come to you. You can spend more time focused on your work, and you can select the beekeeping outfit from a pool of offers that you feel is best able to meet your needs.

You Maintain Full Control Over The Beekeepers You Work With

The Pollination Network empowers you, the grower, to maintain full autonomy over the decisions you make about who you work with. When you create your listing, you can set the price range you are willing to offer, crop type, the number of bees you believe you will need for the job and list any other important metrics so applicants for your job can be certain they can meet your exact needs.

You’ll see all of the offers that come in and be in sole control of choosing who you want to work with. Over time, you’ll build relationships with beekeepers who you can trust to provide punctual, effective services for your growing operation, creating stability and productivity for everyone involved.

We Will Save You Time

Farming and growing crops is a full-time job — and then some. The last thing that you need to be doing is actively searching for a reliable source of bee-labor. Instead, you can use the Pollination Network app as a way to simply let beekeepers know what you are looking for, and they’ll do the rest.

Join The Pollination Network Today

Stop losing daylight while stuck behind a desk looking for pollination solutions and join the Pollination Network today. Together, we can improve the vital economy around pollination, help to increase your crop yields, and continue to build a space for the precious bees that we rely on to put food on the table. Find our free app on our website and through the Google Play or Apple App Store today.