As a farmer or grower, you’re looking to get the most your of every harvest — after all, you only get one shot at it per planting season. So when you’re preparing to put seed to soil, you care about making sure you’ve covered all your bases and done it well. Water quality — check. Soil composition analysis — check. High-quality fertilizers and the proper machinery — check. Pollination method — Bueller? Bueller?

More so than ever, farmers are finding that getting the most out of their harvest means ensuring that they have the ability to pollinate their crops effectively, safely, and affordably. In the sunny days of yesteryear, local, naturally sustained populations of bees, birds, and other insects would take care of this.

However, with declining populations of bees, farmers everywhere are racing to find and procure the services of professional beekeepers, or apiarists. These specialists can help your crops thrive and improve your returns. In today’s blog post from the Pollination Network, we’ll cover a couple of ways that you can find and acquire quality beekeepers and their wards to help you get the most out of this year’s yield.

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Make Yourself Available

As a farmer or grower, you are essentially a small business operator. Just like any other small business, if people don’t know that you exist, then they can’t do business with you. The first step of successfully locating and building relationships with beekeepers who can help you is the get yourself out there.

The free app from the Pollination Network can help. It allows you to place listings for your pollination needs in a place where local beekeepers are already looking to connect with people who want to hire them. It fast, easy, and the beekeepers come to you, allowing you to stay focused on your work.

Ask Other Growers About Their Experience

There is little more discomforting than trusting the success of your crops to someone you’ve never worked with before, but sometimes it’s your only option. Asking friends and neighbors who they use is one way to go, but you’ll still have a relatively small sampling.

When using the app from the Pollination Network, you can see the reviews from all other users who have worked with the beekeepers who are vying for your business. Discover who has the most active bees, who is the most flexible to work with, and who didn’t hold up their end of the agreement. Never again will you have to worry about the quality of the services you’ll receive, letting you sleep easy at night while your crops are growing steady and strong.

Leverage Technology To Gain An Advantage

As the creator’s of a game-changing app that connects the crucial components of a niche industry, we’re clearly fans of leveraging technology to our, and everyone else’s, advantage — and you should be, too.

Working with technologically savvy employees or agencies and putting digital solutions like the Pollination Network app to work for you will save you time and increase efficiency and productivity, which typically leads to higher revenue and stability.

You can post a job and select candidates to talk to right from the smartphone or tablet in the palm of your hand. Best of all, while your saving time and making money, you’ll also be establishing a more stable market and economy for bees, beekeepers, and people just like you.

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